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The Most Common Home Decor Mistakes

Choosing the Wrong Sized Rugs

Rugs - especially in a small space - can really ground a room, but if you cover too much area, they can actually make the room feel smaller.  Having an appropriately sized rug is paramount. In order to determine the correct size rug, consider the size of your seating area, and plan for your rug to be that big. The rest of the space can remain uncovered, and that blank floor space will help to open the rest of the room up. 

Hanging Art in the Wrong Place

A common mistake is hanging art too high. Having grown up with a Dad who was custom framer for 30 years, I have hung a lot of artwork! I notice the height and size ratio everywhere I go. I think art should always be hung at eye level, so usually that's between 5'3" and 5'8". Be sure the size of the art is to scale and doesn't look diminutive or monstrous in the space.

Holding On To Knickknacks

One design mistake I often see is clients holding onto an item from their old space, that doesn't fit with the new aesthetic.  Unless a piece holds significant financial or emotional value, it shouldn't be incorporated into a fresh design. I'd like to note that if you choose to work with a designer, the willingness to leave your old stuff behind goes hand-in-hand with trusting their vision for your new space.

Getting Too Matchy-Matchy

The desire to have everything match is no longer a current design mantra. In fact, mixing up wood and metallic tones in your home adds variation and dimension.  Used sparingly, it's much more interesting to use a sampling of brass, copper and silver for example, in the same room.

Getting Caught Up In Trends 

I always urge my clients to go simple, classic, and neutral on the bigger pieces, and then you can always accessorize with a few trendy smaller pieces that are easier - and cheaper! - to replace or switch out.  Choosing things you love is never a mistake, just make sure you really love it and you're not buying it because you think it's cool right now.  In other words: You won't be "over it" in a minute.

Over- and Under- Scaling Furniture

Buying a piece of furniture that's too small or too large for your space is a common mistake. It's important to know your measurements and not assume something will fit. Take your measurements and have them with you at all times. Keep them and a photo of the space you are trying to design on hand in your phone.

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