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Complete Bathroom Remodel in South Florida Home

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in your home, one in which you and your guests spend quite a bit of time. This popular room should be practical, comfortable, and above all else, beautiful.

Whether transforming your space with a complete remodel or making the best of your bathroom through more modest renovations, our remodeling services will ensure that your bathroom becomes the space you truly want it to be. At Design Soul-utionS, our bathroom remodels will Illuminate Your Soul Through Design.

Transform Your Bathroom Today

We Work with You

At Design Soul-utionS, we work closely with you throughout the entire remodeling process, starting with your intention for the space. Although the bathroom remodeling process can seem overwhelming, our experience and expert guidance makes all the difference. From consulting on design to materials selection and sourcing to the planning and execution of the design, we are with you at every step, making every decision easier. We ensure that your new bathroom is exactly what you need, and everything that you want.

While ultimately your bathroom design will be based more on your personal preferences than on what's fashionable, it's important to realize that bathroom design trends are driven by innovative new materials and products. Because we stay current on the new techniques and materials that are trending in bathroom remodeling projects, we are able to guide our clients to make wise decisions at every turn. As a result, our clients can make the best design selections based on both the beauty and long-term value of those choices.

Small Bathroom Remodeling

It's a design fact: the smaller the space, the more the design and quality of craftsmanship matter. By incorporating high-quality, beautiful vanities, smart fixtures, space- and energy-saving water technology and beautiful design, even a small bathroom can have a big impact on your home's overall comfort and functionality. (Not to mention its resale value.)

Large and Luxury Bathrooms

In new construction design, bathrooms are often used to make a statement. Maybe you'd like to enlarge a bathroom for a more luxurious feel, or to create a relaxing retreat. Let us help you turn your existing bathroom into that oasis you want. Not sure exactly what your bathroom oasis looks like? We know how to listen to discover which design concepts and options will come together to create the perfect bathroom for you, your family and your guests.

Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends

Big Impressions in Small Spaces

Want to make a statement with bold wallpaper in a powder room? Many of today's wallcovering textures, colors and finishes convey an artful attitude. The right choice can be both striking and elegant. And while many small bathrooms can't accommodate a flat-screen, wall-mounted TV, most smaller bathrooms can handle a little technology when the design is right. It's OK to have big dreams, even for your small bathroom!

Small Bathroom with Big Design

White and Grey Marble

Classic and timeless, these new neutrals have gained popularity recently and continue to be strong going forward. White or grey marble works well with almost every architectural style and decor. Although these colors are classic, they're also versatile, meaning by changing even small accents you can create a whole new look. This versatility only adds to the great resale value of white and grey designs.

Bathroom with Gray and White Marble

Exposed Plumbing and Freestanding Tubs

Often paired with sleek white, modern marble, exposed plumbing and freestanding tubs provide an elevated industrial feel or may bring to mind a European-inspired style. Think clean edge, with underlying comfort. Savvy selections ensure a little softness remains in the finished bathroom design.

Bathroom with Exposed Plumbing


Concrete in a bathroom? Surprising combinations of materials are being used for sink basins, countertops, on bathroom floors and on walls. Mixing manufactured materials with organic elements can deliver great natural benefits. Engineered stone resin bathtubs, for example, are naturally insulating - allowing you to luxuriate longer in your warm bath.

Concrete Used in Bathroom Design

Hidden Shower Drains

The best designs offer aesthetic appeal while also making life easier. Pretty but practical drain designs let you say no to tile and grouted floors and yes to the sensible beauty of a linear drain and sandblasted tile with a non-slip finish. Even if you don't choose a full wet room design, larger tile and channel drains offer a more luxurious feel with added bespoke detail.

Shower with Hidden Drain

The Best SOUL-utionS for Your Bathroom Renovation

The practical reasons to remodel a bathroom are clear: not only does a quality bathroom renovation increase your enjoyment of your home every day, but bathroom remodeling consistently ranks well for return on investment. In its 2019 Cost vs. Value report, Remodeling Magazine showed bathroom remodeling projects recouped upwards of 60% of the homeowners' investment. However, successful remodels require more than design expertise, talented craftsmen, and experience. The best remodeling projects are the result of a collaborative process between the homeowner and designer. Our approach is just that.

We start by asking questions in order to understand your goals. In the process, we often uncover hopes our clients have for a new bathroom that even they may not have realized they had! Once we've developed that understanding, we brainstorm, create concepts, review them, and design them into reality. Every selection - from lighting to vanities to flooring - can impact the design and final results, so the process must include an ongoing dialog and "meeting of the minds" between designer and client. Throughout each project, we handle everything (including all purchasing and permits) and keep everyone informed, working closely with our clients so they can stay within their budget while maximizing the investment in their home. 

Our clients appreciate the peace of mind that they have during these projects, and often tell us they feel confident during the entire process. We don't take their trust for granted and believe that their confidence is due in large part to our experience, expert project management, and the fact that we have excellent working relationships with some of the area's most conscientious and talented craftsmen (all licensed contractors). They treat your bathroom remodel like the professional project that it is - and the results speak to the SOUL of your home.

Ready to take the first step to a smooth and stress-free, stunning bathroom remodel? Contact us today!