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Complete Kitchen Remodel in South Florida Home

Kitchen Remodeling

It's time you had the kitchen of your dreams, all without leaving the home you love. At Design Soul-utionS, our kitchen remodels will Illuminate Your Soul Through Design.

When you choose to work with Design Soul-utionS, we will guide you through the entire kitchen remodeling process, from consulting on selections and purchasing, to the planning and design process. We have long-term, established relationships with some of the most talented licensed contractors in South Florida. Your home and your new dream kitchen are in good hands.

Call for Your Dream Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Remodel Modern Kitchen Remodel Modern Kitchen Remodel Modern Kitchen Remodel Modern Kitchen Remodel

What We Do

Contemporary Custom Cabinetry

Everything from the design of your cabinets to the hardware you select, contributes to the style of your kitchen: whether you are aiming for rustic and comfortable, understated and elegant, or bright and contemporary, cabinets play a critical part in the design process. Let us help you understand just how many options are available with custom cabinetry, and how you can use your cabinet choices to save space, create openness, and feel truly organized in your kitchen.

Stone, Glass, & Concrete Countertops

In older kitchens, it can often be the heavily worn, outdated countertops that first draw you to the idea of a kitchen remodel. We offer the latest in contemporary countertop design: whether you're are looking for an elegant quartz, dramatic quartzite or an ultra-modern countertop of concrete or glass. We can help you not only pick the perfect countertop to suite your style, but also help you choose the right design accents throughout to complete your new kitchen's look and match those new countertops perfectly.

State of the Art Appliances

You've walked into those kitchens where the stainless steel gleams at you from every corner; well why not have that in your home too. All cooks love the idea of working with premium kitchen appliances. Everything from prep work to clean-up is becomes a breeze with the proper equipment. Spending time in your kitchen will be a complete pleasure when you can depend on your appliances. We can source the perfect appliances for you, no matter the brand, to outfit your kitchen with the best there is for your budget.


The flooring in your kitchen has to pull double duty: it should look beautiful and unique, but also be easy to clean and durable. Whether you are ready for a wood look porcelain plank, or a modern large format tile, we're the ones to call. We'll make sure your flooring meets the needs of your household while also pulling its weight towards the design of your kitchen, all while looking gorgeous and contemporary.

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodels

Are you starting to daydream about the "Wow Factor" in your future kitchen remodel? Consider these current trends making homeowners excited to cook in their kitchens every day.

Colorful Cabinetry

Gray, white, and wood-tone cabinets are classic, but if you are looking to create a statement with your kitchen, you might want to opt for a colored cabinet. Your rustic dream kitchen might need some farmhouse red or your airy whimsical kitchen might look perfect with buttery yellow cabinets. Our designers can help you find the perfect pairing using the wide range of options available to craft a timeless, yet personalized kitchen, to delight you and your family for years to come.

Kitchen with Colorful Cabinets

Matte Black is the New Black

The latest bold choice for hardware accents and fixtures, matte black is striking without becoming imposing. Take a look at some matte black hardware and you'll be surprised how the look changes by removing the gloss. Using two-tone cabinetry for your new kitchen, matte black is becoming an elegant option for either your upper or lower cabinets. Skillfully paired with other materials and colors, the interplay of light and shadow makes for a show stopper.

Kitchen with Matte Black Hardware

Wood and White Two-Tone Cabinetry

Two tone kitchens are still a popular choice. Blending the natural characteristics of wood with the timeless style of white creates a clean, elegant look. Our designers will help you visualize how different wood tone cabinets, combined with white can actually brighten your space, make it stand out, look contemporary and beautiful all at the same time.

Kitchen with White and Wood

Contrasting Textures

The smooth feeling of a gleaming quartz countertop contrasting sharply with a textured backsplash beneath your cabinets isn't just good, it's great! When you want your new kitchen to have that glamorous feel, texture is key. Blending a variety of finishes, such as a matte and gloss, introduces more elements and offers a unique layered look completely your own.

Kitchen with Quartz Countertops

Mixed Metals

The trend of choosing a dominant metal and then adding small accent touches and highlights in other metallic tones is a great way to make your brand-new kitchen feel like it is truly a place to live. Whether you have ultra-modern chrome accents or a penchant for bronze in your hardware, combining more than one metal will add dimension to your space. The use of accent touches in a contrasting tone will make for a gleaming sparkle in your kitchen. For instance, a gold chandelier joined with chrome hardware will enhance the contrast and make your new kitchen shine.

Kitchen with Mixed Metal

The Soul of Your Kitchen Remodel

We believe the perfect design will emerge when the collaborative process combines your desires, dreams, and hopes for your kitchen with the expertise and advice of our skilled designer. We'll help you work within a budget to maximize your kitchen's potential, while creatively sourcing the products and to best suit your needs. We keep an eye on new trends so we can offer you up to the minute designs ideas and products. Our professionalism and thoroughness will provide you with a positive and stress free experience from initial meeting to final product. To meet with us and begin Illuminating Your Soul Through Design start planning your dream kitchen with us today. Contact us today!